Friday, October 26, 2012

Still Waiting...

Well, I've been in the hospital for a week now. Not much is going on. Just hanging out waiting for babies. They are still looking good and I am still doing well. My legs and feet have swollen up now...BOO...but its just normal pregnancy stuff.

I am ready for these babies to come out, but at the same time, I want them to stay in a while. The difference of a week or two is huge at this point. If I make it to my c-section date, Nov. 14th, there is a  small chance that I could even take a baby or two home with me...probably not, but maybe.  :)

So, here I am. Waiting as usual. :P

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well, we did it...we made the choice to be admitted to the hospital so that we can have these kiddos watched more closely. I'm not gonna lie...I'm nervous. I could be here for 4 weeks before the babies are even delivered, but I will have peace of mind.

So, before I came to my temporary home, I had one last office visit with the specialist. They measured they babies growth, and boy have they been growing!

Alexis is now 2lb 7oz
Allison is now 2lb 10oz
William is up to 4lb 4oz
Daniel is now 2lb 13oz

That is a whopping  12lb 1oz of babies!

And boy are they active! the girls were head down last week and this week they are breech. Daniel is now lounging sideways across the top of my belly, and William's head is lost. LOL! They could not see his head for anything.

So, the next, hopefully short portion, of this journey begins. :P


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wahoo! 30 Weeks!

Well, we've made it to another milestone...30 weeks! My drs have all said that they would like me to make it to at least 30 weeks...Done! I'm so proud...and tired. LOL!

This week at my many appointments we found that the babies are still doing very well. They have plenty of fluids, good heart rates, good blood flow, LOTS of movement, and are practicing breathing. We didn't have a growth scan this week, but we will have one this week.

We also discussed admitting me to the hospital. The tentative plan is to admit me on Thursday, but I am free to postpone that as long as all is still well.

On Friday I had a second visit to the OB because I was having crazy pain in my stomach. There was nothing visibly wrong and the theory is that the babies beat the crap out of me over night. Must be since I am not sore anymore. In the exam, however, we did discover that my cervix is shrinking and getting soft. It is still in the "good" category, just barely, but we may opt for the admittance to the hospital for this reason.

Aside from all that, these kids have started having tummy parties in the middle of the night. It is CRAZY to feel all of them bopping around in there. I can't believe we will be meeting our little babies sometime in the next few weeks!  :P

Big Momma at 30 weeks!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

28 Week 5 Days Growth Scan

Today was our growth scan with the specialist. The babies all looked really good! All of them have great fluid levels and blood flow and are growing like little weeds!!

Alexis (baby A) is up to 2lbs 2oz! (a gain of 7 ounces)
Allison (baby B) is up to 2lbs 5oz (up 9 ounces)
William (baby C) is up to 3lbs 4oz (up10 ounces)
Daniel (baby D) is up to 2lbs 8oz (up 11 ounces!)

We are up to 10lbs 3oz of babies! We have now met one of my personal goals of having the babies over 2 pounds!

On the momma front, things are still looking up. Aside from an increase in contractions and pretty much constant exhaustion at this point, I am progressing well. Dr. S wasn't going to check my cervix again (its been 2 weeks), but did so to ease my mind. Holy crow! It is still rocking! He said it looks great and I have "extra cervix". LOL! He then told me that he won't be watching it anymore because it doesn't matter what happens to my cervix at this point. The other "symptoms" are more important...pre-eclampsia, increased contractions, problems with the babies, etc. He still hasn't put me on bed rest, but instructed me to keep resting a lot.

They haven't indicated anything of concern, but Daniel is getting harder to see since he is in the middle and behind all the others. Lexie is also difficult to see well because she is so low in my uterus. It will be interesting to see who or what finally puts me in the hospital or the OR! :P