Monday, February 25, 2013

Rad Dad

I feel like sometimes dads get the short end of the stick when it comes to being recognized for their involvement in child rearing. Granted, some dads don't participate much, but my kiddos have a pretty awesome daddy.

First off, Allen has a 3 hour plus roundtrip commute to/from work every day. This makes for long work days. In addition, he comes home and helps feed babies, bath babies, bath Tyler and put him to bed, and on days that I don't have night help, put the babies to bed. He also gets up with me every morning at 3 or 4 am to feed babies and when we are finished he often gets showered and heads into work. Not only is his commute long, about half of it is through unlit farmland making driving in the early morning dark when you are tired pretty dangerous!

He always tries to play with Tyler on the floor, helps with getting the laundry washed, and when he can tries to give me a little break before the bedtime craziness. He's always willing to cuddle a sleepy/cranky baby when needed. He's a great dad!

Daddy, Alexis, and Allison

Tyler on Daddy, Daniel, and Alexis

Daddy feeding Allison her peas

Allen, we all love and appreciate you!! Thanks for being a great daddy, and husband, and my best friend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A "For Real" Update on the Fam

So, I finally feel like I'm at a point on this roller coaster that I can write a decent blog post because the babies do more than eat, sleep, and poop. So, here is what we are all up to!

The Family as a Whole:

Daniel, Mom, Allison, Tyler, Lexie, Dad, William

We are finally feeling like a unit! For a long time Allen and I felt like our family was fragmented...Us and Tyler, and Us and the was very strange! Then one Sunday, when the babies were about two and a half months old, Allen and I took Tyler to church leaving the quads at home with their Grandma and Granny. As we sat there waiting for Sacrament Meeting to start I leaned over to Allen and said, "I feel naked without the babies!" It was a good feeling. 

When the babies turned 3 months old we had a major transition...we no longer had 24/7 help! My mom went home, and Allen's mom had to get back to her daily life as well. We aren't alone, though! Allen's mom comes up Wednesday thru Friday, giving us 2 nights with extra help in addition to all she does during the day. On Tuesdays a really good friend from church comes over from 10-4 and lets me go grocery shopping, or run other errands, and takes care of the kids, cleans the house, and keeps me from losing my mind! Mondays are a revolving door of helpers from church and the neighborhood, so it brings in new faces each week. Additionally, some good friends have stepped up to help me on some evenings with bed time so that Allen can go to bed to get up for work in the morning. On top of all that...our regional church leaders installed a set of sister missionaries in our town who have special permission to help with the babies, and they come over a couple times a week for a few hours and help do whatever we need help we cleaned out the refrigerator and cleaned baby barf out of the carpet! There is so much more that people do for us besides being here and physically helping us, but it would take me forever to list it all...just know that we are ETERNALLY grateful!!

Now, onto what you all really want to know about...the Kids!


Tyler is such a big helper! He is willing, most of the time, to fetch whatever I need...burp rags, diapers, bibs, etc. He is such a big boy! We are STILL working on potty training, but we are getting there. He loves his babies and frequently goes over and kisses them, and they LOVE him! I get the most pleasure at seeing them smile at him just being near them because its like they know he is their big brother and they want to be around him. 

Tyler is so smart! His passion is sea animals. He sits at the table and draws them for hours...and he is GOOD at it. Everyone thinks Allen or I are drawing them, but I don't even draw that well. He will be 4 in 2 weeks and we can't wait for his birthday! We love our big boy!


Lexie is the oldest, and smallest, of the quads. She is such a sweetie...and a stinker! For the most part she is pretty mellow and she is my sleeper! I'm pretty sure she would sleep all night if given the opportunity. She is also a night owl. She is always the last one to sleep at night. She likes to have a bedtime talk and sometimes cuddle with mommy. We frequently talk about her sleeping good so her hair can grow and we can get her hair bows. She sits and grins and sometimes giggles during these talks...and I swear every morning her hair is a little thicker or longer! She is a momma's girl!


Allison is my little Diva! She is very happy and smiley, but if she wants your attention she will cry til she pukes! This child doesn't know how to cry it out! She was next to smallest when born, but she is next to biggest at last check...I can't wait to see how they've grown at their 4 month check up. Allison is the least refluxy of the babies which has allowed her to gain more weight and get these cute chubby cheeks. She is daddy's princess for sure!


Daniel is such a sweetie...and a beast! He feels his emotions very strongly...when he's happy he's really happy, and when he's mad he's really mad! Daniel has the most nicknames of all the kids...Little Velociraptor, Reisty the Conqueror, 3 of 4 (his Borg designation), and Dr. Jekyll to name a few. He is very cuddly...if all else fails, wrap him up tight, hold him close, and hang onto the paci! In spite of this, Daniel will put himself to thing ever when you have 4 babies. He is a momma's boy for sure!


William is my angel! He is very sweet and mild mannered...unless he's hungry...then all bets are off. He is the tallest of the babies by a lot. He has big hands and feet and long arms! We have a basketball player in the making here. William is frequently very serious, but is starting to get more playful. He is as bald as a cue ball! He is my little buddy...we often have cuddle time in the morning when he wakes before feed time while the others sleep.

Here are some more photos to enjoy from our recent photo shoot by Jennifer Weber Photography (she is wonderful!).

Daniel and William

Lexie, Daniel, Allison, William (from top, clockwise)

Allison and Lexie

Tyler, Lexie, Daniel, William, Allison (from bottom, clockwise)


Thursday, February 7, 2013


I promised you all pictures so here are a few...p.s. I'm posting this from my phone so I apologize if it turns out goofy for some reason!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bad, bad blogger!

I am a bad, bad blogger! It isn't really lack of time since I had a lot of help here the last 2 months. I just could never decide what to write when I would sit down to blog so I wouldn't write anything.

So, as you may expect, the last 3 months of our lives have been a crazy, ever-changing adjustment with 4 new babies. We have been dealing with normal newborn issues like lack of sleep, and normal preemie issues like reflux...these babies can barf!! Our daily routines have been centered around feeds up until the last couple of weeks, and now we are trying to schedule other things in like naps and playtime.

Anyhow, the babies are 3 months old today! I can't believe it! They are getting into the fun stage, finally! They are smiling lots and staying awake more during the day. They love to be talked to and to look around. They are growing like crazy, but are still the size of newborns. At 11 weeks they weighed: Alexis 7lb 2oz, Allison 8lb 1oz, Daniel 7lb 12oz, and William 8lb 11oz. Lexie seems to have grown the most. I can't believe how big she is compared to her 2lb 6oz self!

We had their baby blessing at church this past Sunday. It was a special event. Everyone was so excited to see them finally, but they were warned in advance to stay away from the babies. Its so hard to not share them with everyone...only 6 more weeks or so til we can emerge from our confinement.

Now, most of my pics are on the other computer, but I will add some soon!