Thursday, April 11, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

I was really trying to blog more, once a week or so, but many days I don't have the time or energy (imagine that!). So, I have a minute and I thought I would give a little update.

The babies are continuing to grow like crazy. They are so curious and are getting more and more talkative. They are 5 months old now (I know, crazy right?) and have officially moved into the 3-6 month size clothes. Allison and William are rolling over front to back, and Allison is close to rolling back to front. William is also starting to scoot on his belly. We are working on splitting them into two rooms (literally today) so we had to get 2 more cribs and another changing table to make it work. I am excited to split them up, I think they will sleep longer/better.

 In the last 6 weeks or so, we have started adding baby food to their diets (except Lexie, she can't keep it down), and it is going okay. Some days they like/want it, and others they don't, but up until the last 2 weeks I didn't push it. Now they get fruit and oatmeal every morning, and I'm trying to add in an afternoon fruit/veggie feed as well. William and Allison seem to be able to tolerate everything I have given them, but Daniel has issues with orange foods...carrots, sweet potatoes, and peaches so far. I have even made some baby food of my own, avocado and pears, and it was pretty easy!

Daniel after breakfast

William after breakfast "clean me off please!"

Allison after breakfast

Lexie a while back when we first tried her on baby food

Now that spring is FINALLY here we have been a little more adventurous. About once a week I and a helper (usually Allen, my MIL, or Nikki) will load up all the kiddos and run errands. Its a lot of fun. They especially like eating in the car. It is pretty hilarious. They smile around their bottles and look all around.

Nikki feeding Daniel

Mommy feeding William
Lexie talking to Granny instead of eating

Lexie getting her pants changed

We also had their first Easter. We loaded the crew up and went to church. We did a practice run the Sunday before so we knew how to make it work. Here are some pics of the kiddos in their Easter duds.

William and Daniel

Allison and Lexie

Allison, Alexis, Tyler, William, and Daniel

For my next post, I want to do a "day in the life", so stay tuned!