Saturday, September 29, 2012

28 Weeks!

We made it! I can't believe it that we have gotten this far with no problems. We have been exponentially blessed with this pregnancy. So, now next milestone is 30 weeks.

At my appointment this week, we didn't have any changes. The babies are passing all of their tests and so am I. They didn't measure growth this week, but will be doing that on Thursday. I also finished getting my shots on Thursday, so I am all vaccinated up!

After our doctor appointment we had the opportunity to tour the NICU and meet several members of the staff that we will be working with and who will be taking care of our babies. They were super nice and answered all of our questions and more. They showed us where the babies will be rooming as well. Thankfully they will all be in the same room.

The staff in the NICU is very positive that if I can make it to 32 weeks the babies will only have to be there about a month, barring any serious problems. We were also relieved to learn that Tyler is very welcome to come visit his babies as long as he isn't sick...same goes for mom and dad and anyone else who wants to visit.

So, how am I feeling/doing you ask...pretty much like crap. With each passing day, I get more sore, tired, and it gets harder to breathe. I have found that even though my doctors haven't put me on bed rest, I am a lot less sore and my body feels generally better if I spend most of the day lying down. I like to call this voluntary bed rest. Riding in a car at this point is torture as is sitting straight up basically any time.

This coming week will hopefully be uneventful. I have my OB appointment here in town on Tuesday and my specialist appointment on Thursday. Rumor has it that if I haven't already been admitted that I will be put in the hospital at 32 weeks just to have me there.

So there you have it. Thank you for continued prayers, and please keep them coming! We really need all the help we can get to keep this baby factory going. And a special thank you to the wonderful ladies who have started coming to help out a couple times a week. It is more appreciated than you know!  :P


Thursday, September 20, 2012

26 Week Appointment...Baby Mix-up?

So, at my appointment 2 weeks ago, Daniel was all of a sudden measuring bigger than William, and William hadn't grown very much. At the time I questioned whether or not they had them mixed up (trust me its an easy thing to do!). So when I heard the measurements today, I was positive that last time they had the boys mixed up, and the ultrasound tech agrees that it is very likely. So they have grown as follows:

Lexie (Baby A) - 1lb 11oz (up 5oz)
Allison (Baby B)- 1lb 12oz (up 5oz)
William (Baby C)- 2lb 10oz (up 13oz from corrected weight from 2 weeks ago)
Daniel (Baby D)- 1lb 13oz (up 3 oz from corrected weight from 2 weeks ago)

We are up to 8lbs of baby now! Holy moly! And they are 4 very active babies! Everyone who does an ultrasound always comments on how active they are, and then talk about it amongst the staff. It is so funny! I think the best part of this pregnancy is the reactions of people when the find out I'm carrying quads.

Anywho, my cervix is still doing great, too! bed rest still! I asked the doctor if he had a prediction for how long I would carry the babies for and he is guessing at least 32 weeks. I really feel like that will not be a problem, and if these kids keep growing like this, we ought to have a 4 pounder and at least one 3 pounder, if not two. I think that Lexie will probably fall into the high 2's in weight...just a feeling.

I also went to the cardiologist, who I didn't actually see, for my echo cardiogram. Apparently no news is good news, but they said that they will send the report to my docs and they will let me know.

Aside from all of that, there is nothing much to report. Just happy goodness all around.  :P

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pity Party

I'm going to say this in advance...this post is a bit of a whiny rant. Consider yourself warned!

As you know, I am 26 weeks pregnant with quadruplets. I have been very very fortunate in this pregnancy so far. I haven't had any complications, I'm not on bedrest (which at this point is practically unheard of), and I have had a fair amount of help from mine and my husbands families and some friends. I am very grateful for this! That being said, I am getting sick and tired of everyone telling me how awful its going to be to have 4 babies at once to care for and how my life is over. I'm not an idiot...I know its going to be hard...REALLY HARD! It was hard with one baby.

These babies are miracles. I had a 95% chance of miscarriage! That number lessened as
time passed, but until I had hit 24 weeks there was little or not chance of survival if born. Once I hit 28 weeks, chance of major complications is very small. And every week after that is one less week they will spend in the NICU. But seriously it is going to be awesome. I will have a reminder all the time of how awesome God is, and how much trust he has in my and my husband to raise these children to be good people. That is a both a huge burden as well as a major confidence booster to know that God trusts us with his spirit children. Because of that I
have no doubt that we can do it.

Anyhow, I must really make this look easy or something because for all those who think its all over for us there are those who act like I should be business as usual. It makes me want to scream and tear my hair out! I HAVE FOUR BABIES IN MY BODY! I am measuring 43 weeks
people...that is 3 weeks past when you all couldn't take another day of being pregnant...and news flash...I have at least 2 weeks more to go, but probably closer to 8! I have to go to a cardiologist this week to make sure my heart is keeping up with the strain of supporting this
pregnancy. That is no joke!

So why do I feel guilty asking people to take a few hours out of their day only two days a week to come help me manage my 3 year old? Sure, I could send him to other people's houses, but these are my last weeks with just him. His life will be turned upside down, and it breaks my heart. So please understand why I don't want to just send him off. He will have to be shuffled around endlessly when I have to be back and forth from the NICU for who know how many weeks when the babies are born.

Anyway my point is this...I'm not wonder woman. I'm tired, I hurt, I can't take care of my family right now, and I feel pretty helpless. This was my timeout to feel sorry for myself. Enough said.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Holy Moly! 25w5d OB Appointment

Yesterday I had my OB appointment, but before I get into that, I need to back up a few days...

Monday or Tuesday I wasn't feeling a ton of movement from the babies. I was mildly concerned, but decided to give them some time. By Wednesday they were moving like CRAZY and I could even feel the girls a lot better. My conclusion was that we had a growth spurt.

At my OB appointment yesterday I was measuring 43 weeks! I think my assumption was correct! I also had my usual day of adjustment after a growth spurt. I usually have a day where I have issues breathing and getting comfortable while my body adjusts to the growth and further lack of useable space. And today I am SORE! I feel like I have been riding a horse for 3 days. Mama Mia!

Aside from my growth from 37 to 43 weeks in the last 2 weeks, all is still well. Everyone looks good and I am still free. LOL!

I am very excited for tomorrow. My Mother in Law and Sisters in Law are having a Babies Shower for me and I can't wait!

That's about it for now. Just letting these little critters cook a while longer! :P

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Visit to the Specialist (24w5d)

Well, today was the regularly scheduled appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor. We had a good ultrasound. My cervix is still long and closed up tight...phew! The babies are doing great! They are so active it is hard for the U/S tech to get her measurements before they move around. As usual, baby C (Will) was talking away. It is so funny and cute! Baby B (Allison) was jib jabbing a little as well. They were able to give us a look at Daniel and Allison on the 4d setting, and they are so cute! It was the first time they didn't look skeletal. The babies weighed in as follows:

Baby A (Lexie): 1lb 6oz (up 5 oz in 2 weeks)
Baby B (Allison): 1lb 7oz (up 4oz)
Baby C (Will): 1lb 13oz (up 4oz) (corrected 9/20)
Baby D (Daniel): 1lb 10oz (up 7oz!) (corrected 9/20)

We are doing so well, I don't go back for 2 weeks! After that it will be weekly.

I also had the pleasure of my first steroid shot today. OUCH! And the kicker is I have to get another one my flu my Tdap in 2 weeks. UGH! I hate shots! My bum hurts from that shot!

I have become a hot topic of conversation at the weekly high risk meeting at the hospital now. At the meeting next week, they are doing a mock delivery to prepare for us so that they can have it planned out to have enough space for everyone. At a minimum there will be a NICU nurse and respiratory specialist per baby, the anesthesiologist, at least 2 doctors for me, a few nurses for me, and Allen. That is at least 19 people counting me and the babies! I suspect there will be a few looksie lous as well since quads don't happen too often around here.

So we keep trucking forward...

I get more uncomfortable everyday. I am full term size now and everything is harder to do. :P

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Major Milestone - 24 Weeks!

Well, I made it! I got to 24 weeks, which is considered the point of viability in a pregnancy. And I made it without being put on bed rest! I'm feeling my freedom slipping away day by day. I know that sooner or later I will be put on bed rest or in the hospital, and I'm dreading being away from my sweet Tyler and not being able to take care of him, but I know that I have to take care of these babies and others will step in to fill the void for him.

Anyways, next big step is 28 weeks. This is the next major point, at which the severity of possible issues with the babies if they are born is significantly less. It seems like a lot of quad moms have their babies between 28 and 30 weeks, and we hope to make it to 32-34 weeks, so I don't have a lot of time left to prepare myself for their arrival. It is scary and exciting. I can imagine holding my sweet babies and it makes my heart smile. And the thought of the lack of sleep makes my insides groan. LOL!

So coming up I have A LOT more doctors appointments, steroid shots this week to help the babies lungs along, and very likely bed rest. All the prayers, thoughts, and kind words and deeds are very appreciated, and needed more than ever going forward...especially the prayers!

My mom is leaving on Monday and she has done so much to help us prepare for whats coming. She has been amazing! Our nursery is practically finished, we have a freezer full of food so that we don't have to worry about cooking, and I have been able to rest this last month ensuring that problems have been practically non-existent. THANK YOU MOM! For everything!

We will be having Allen's mom coming in for most of the week after mom leaves as well as a hoard of people from our neighborhood and church that have graciously offered to come over or have Tyler over at their house while Allen goes to work. We are so blessed to have the support of so many friends and family members! I honestly don't know how I would get through this without the comfort of that knowledge!

I think I'm done rambling now, but again, THANK YOU to all of you for your support and prayers. Enjoy the picture of my crazy belly growth! :P