Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Too Excited...

I just know you all have seen the Disney World commercial where the kids won't/can't go to sleep because they are going to Disney World and they say "we're too excited to sleep!". That is totally how I feel! I have my anatomy scan tomorrow and I can't wait to see these little critters and HOPEFULLY find out what they are (they just might be ferrets, you know!).

On another topic, I wish I could afford a house keeper! I'm too tired to clean! I really need my dishes washed and kitchen cleaned, and floors vacuumed, but I'm too busy making babies (or so I'm told). I'm also potty training and trying not to kill my toddler...who just pooped in his underpants! UGH! Can I give up?

Anyways, I think the house is going to stay a mess for another day, and I may or may not put said toddler back in a diaper for my sanity. :P