Tuesday, August 14, 2012

21 Weeks and a Little Drama

Well, I am 21 weeks now...woohoo! We saw the specialist on last Thursday and everything checked out just fine. They didn't do any growth measurements on the babies so it was kinda uneventful. Oh, and the babies have moved around positions a little. I guess they are getting a little cramped at this point. The take away from that appointment was that my babies are good and my cervix is a rock star.

Fast forward to yesterday at my OB appointment. First off, I am now measuring 37 weeks!! Dr. M said I don't have any more room to grow up or down so from here on I will be growing OUT! Here comes Ol' Torpedo Belly! After all the measuring tape fun, the jelly came out and he proceeded to check out the babies and my cervix. Babies are still fine. But he didn't/couldn't see what he needed to check my cervix and brought out Alejandro! Apparently that didn't cut it either so I also got a physical check...and while all of this is going on my 3 year old is being a BRAT! Never taking him to the dr again!

So anyways, while I was dressing Dr. M went and called the specialist and told him what he saw and then came back and told me that he thought my cervix was opening/softening...WHAT! Following that, he instructed me to go immediately go to the specialist's office in Annapolis and to be prepared to be admitted to the hospital. My mom and I started to freak out!

We dropped Tyler off at a friends and headed out. We got there and waited in the waiting room for an hour...longest hour ever! Finally we got back to a room and Alejandro was brought forth again...yay!

Doctor came in, looked, said everything is fine. Go home and take it easy. Keep up the good work...blah, blah, blah. Apparently what Dr. M was seeing on his ancient ultrasound machine was a harmless cyst on my cervix. Phew! What a relief that was!

So basically everyone is fine, I need to rest more, and keep up the good work. So, I am cutting unnecessary trips out of my life and unfortunately that includes going to church. :( Between a 45 minute ride each way and the 3 hour block that is too much pressure on my cervix.

On other news, I am feeling and seeing the babies move from the outside more and more. My mom is here and taking good care of me and Tyler and I'm eating better than I have probably this whole pregnancy because she is cooking! Let me tell you...I DO NOT miss McDonald's one bit!

That's about it for now. :P



MRStypeA said...

so glad everything is really fine! good luck keeping those babies cooking!! :-)

Pussy Parent said...

Oh man I'm sorry you had such a scare. Take it easy, Momma.

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Glad everyone is doing well. YAY for Mom and her cooking!