Friday, August 24, 2012

22 Week Growth Scan

Well, yesterday was our 22 week growth scan and everyone is doing well and growing fast...including Mama! For me the most nerve wracking part of the appointment in the cervix check. I'm always worried that it will start shortening, opening, or softening. If any of those things happen I go on bedrest. So far so good, though.

Of course the next mini concern is that they are all still alive. LOL! They are very much alive in there and getting so big! They are weighing in as follows:

Baby A (Lexie): 1lb 1oz
Baby B (Allison): 1lb 3oz
Baby C (Will): 1lb 9oz!
Baby D (Daniel): 1lb 3oz

I have 5 pounds of baby now, and they are supposed to grow several ounces a week at this point! I feel a lot better about things now that they are all over a pound. Hopefully they can get up to 3+ pounds before they are born...which is not far away at all! From my experience in the Quad group on Facebook, most of the quads are born between 28 and 31 weeks. That is only 5-8 weeks left! Hopefully we can go a little further than that, but that is still not a lot of time!

It is so confusing looking at all those babies on the ultrasound screen. Yesterday, Allison and Lexie were foot to foot, Will's feet were in Daniel's face, Will and Lexie are head to head, and Daniel and Allison were kinda spooning. It is getting cramped in there! We had a good laugh when during the 4d portion of the u/s Will was opening and closing his mouth. I can't wait to meet my sweet little babies! :P



Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Sorry I'm so behind! Wow you have names already! Love them! Glad everyone is doing well!