Friday, April 27, 2012

Things are looking up!

So...I have officially entered the "emotional" portion of pregnancy. LOL! It started yesterday...

(fade into flashback)

I was having a rough time keeping my crap together...everything was ticking me off...I was like a dragon with crazy PMS. It wasn't pretty!

Then, in a frenzy I call up the OB to see if they would see me sooner because I was having a PANIC ATTACK over the slight possibility that I might have a miscarriage, maybe. Thankfully they are used to dealing with crazies like me and talked me down. 

Fast forward to this morning when hubby was loading Tyler up into the car to visit Granny for the weekend and I was crying...Wait! Didn't I want to ship him off yesterday? And now I'm reduced to tears because I won't see his cute little face for a couple of days.

Oh Boy! Here we go! I think things are going to be just fine! :P



amberjill said...

yeah!! you are normal! :) I cried the other day because Trae can't read, but he's only 5!! And I cried because Winni can and is growing up too fast. Ugh!

Heather said...

I remember those days..unfortunately after having Aiden I've become even more of an emotional train wreck. I cry at the drop of a hat :-)