Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well, we did it...we made the choice to be admitted to the hospital so that we can have these kiddos watched more closely. I'm not gonna lie...I'm nervous. I could be here for 4 weeks before the babies are even delivered, but I will have peace of mind.

So, before I came to my temporary home, I had one last office visit with the specialist. They measured they babies growth, and boy have they been growing!

Alexis is now 2lb 7oz
Allison is now 2lb 10oz
William is up to 4lb 4oz
Daniel is now 2lb 13oz

That is a whopping  12lb 1oz of babies!

And boy are they active! the girls were head down last week and this week they are breech. Daniel is now lounging sideways across the top of my belly, and William's head is lost. LOL! They could not see his head for anything.

So, the next, hopefully short portion, of this journey begins. :P



SM said...

Hey Ive been following for a little bit and I just want to say you are wonder woman! Contests on making it this far!

MRStypeA said...

Good luck!! Hope you have lots to read and great entertaining visitors to make the time go by! I'm sure it will be really rough so I feel for you, but hopefully those babies will stay in there for awhile longer! It's amazing you've even gotten this far with 4 - you're doing great! Keep it up!