Thursday, October 4, 2012

28 Week 5 Days Growth Scan

Today was our growth scan with the specialist. The babies all looked really good! All of them have great fluid levels and blood flow and are growing like little weeds!!

Alexis (baby A) is up to 2lbs 2oz! (a gain of 7 ounces)
Allison (baby B) is up to 2lbs 5oz (up 9 ounces)
William (baby C) is up to 3lbs 4oz (up10 ounces)
Daniel (baby D) is up to 2lbs 8oz (up 11 ounces!)

We are up to 10lbs 3oz of babies! We have now met one of my personal goals of having the babies over 2 pounds!

On the momma front, things are still looking up. Aside from an increase in contractions and pretty much constant exhaustion at this point, I am progressing well. Dr. S wasn't going to check my cervix again (its been 2 weeks), but did so to ease my mind. Holy crow! It is still rocking! He said it looks great and I have "extra cervix". LOL! He then told me that he won't be watching it anymore because it doesn't matter what happens to my cervix at this point. The other "symptoms" are more important...pre-eclampsia, increased contractions, problems with the babies, etc. He still hasn't put me on bed rest, but instructed me to keep resting a lot.

They haven't indicated anything of concern, but Daniel is getting harder to see since he is in the middle and behind all the others. Lexie is also difficult to see well because she is so low in my uterus. It will be interesting to see who or what finally puts me in the hospital or the OR! :P



Heather said...

WOW, so glad everything is going smoothly! I can't begin to imagine the stress this pregnancy has put on your body and emotions, but you are doing such an awesome job! Are you getting excited to meet your babies?

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Sarah said...

Getting anxious here! Please update soon! :)