Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wahoo! 30 Weeks!

Well, we've made it to another milestone...30 weeks! My drs have all said that they would like me to make it to at least 30 weeks...Done! I'm so proud...and tired. LOL!

This week at my many appointments we found that the babies are still doing very well. They have plenty of fluids, good heart rates, good blood flow, LOTS of movement, and are practicing breathing. We didn't have a growth scan this week, but we will have one this week.

We also discussed admitting me to the hospital. The tentative plan is to admit me on Thursday, but I am free to postpone that as long as all is still well.

On Friday I had a second visit to the OB because I was having crazy pain in my stomach. There was nothing visibly wrong and the theory is that the babies beat the crap out of me over night. Must be since I am not sore anymore. In the exam, however, we did discover that my cervix is shrinking and getting soft. It is still in the "good" category, just barely, but we may opt for the admittance to the hospital for this reason.

Aside from all that, these kids have started having tummy parties in the middle of the night. It is CRAZY to feel all of them bopping around in there. I can't believe we will be meeting our little babies sometime in the next few weeks!  :P

Big Momma at 30 weeks!



Kim said...

You go momma! You're so strong. Glad you made it this far and pray you can hold off a while longer.

Sarah said...

Way to go! You are amazing!

beccasfamilyof5 said...

Congratulations on reaching such a marvellous milestone for you all. Sounds like all is going just grand. Well done and keep going strong the last few weeks.

MRStypeA said...

Congrats! You are doing awesome! Stinks going to the hospital but if those precious babies stay in there longer it'll be worth it ( even thought very hard I'm sure!)

Abby said...

I am so glad you are hanging in there!! I can and can not wait to see these babies! I can wait because I want them to cook as long as possible, but I can not wait to see those cute lil faces!! Best of luck on the rest of your pregnancy!

Pussy Parent said...

Way to go!