Saturday, September 29, 2012

28 Weeks!

We made it! I can't believe it that we have gotten this far with no problems. We have been exponentially blessed with this pregnancy. So, now next milestone is 30 weeks.

At my appointment this week, we didn't have any changes. The babies are passing all of their tests and so am I. They didn't measure growth this week, but will be doing that on Thursday. I also finished getting my shots on Thursday, so I am all vaccinated up!

After our doctor appointment we had the opportunity to tour the NICU and meet several members of the staff that we will be working with and who will be taking care of our babies. They were super nice and answered all of our questions and more. They showed us where the babies will be rooming as well. Thankfully they will all be in the same room.

The staff in the NICU is very positive that if I can make it to 32 weeks the babies will only have to be there about a month, barring any serious problems. We were also relieved to learn that Tyler is very welcome to come visit his babies as long as he isn't sick...same goes for mom and dad and anyone else who wants to visit.

So, how am I feeling/doing you ask...pretty much like crap. With each passing day, I get more sore, tired, and it gets harder to breathe. I have found that even though my doctors haven't put me on bed rest, I am a lot less sore and my body feels generally better if I spend most of the day lying down. I like to call this voluntary bed rest. Riding in a car at this point is torture as is sitting straight up basically any time.

This coming week will hopefully be uneventful. I have my OB appointment here in town on Tuesday and my specialist appointment on Thursday. Rumor has it that if I haven't already been admitted that I will be put in the hospital at 32 weeks just to have me there.

So there you have it. Thank you for continued prayers, and please keep them coming! We really need all the help we can get to keep this baby factory going. And a special thank you to the wonderful ladies who have started coming to help out a couple times a week. It is more appreciated than you know!  :P



Heather said...

You are doing so awesome taking care of your babies. I can't imagine how physically draining this has been on you, but you are seriously a rock star! So glad you were able to get a hospital tour and I hope your babies and you don't have to spend much time in the NICU.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you have people taking care of you! It must be rough being preg at this point, but every day makes a difference for the babies! You're doing great!

Pussy Parent said...

28 weeks, you're a rockstar, congrats! Keep baking babies, another month sounds nice.