Saturday, March 17, 2012

Double Booking Fail

Today was the big day...the day with two dates. Alejandro was right on time this morning. He was suave and all Latin American-y, and he totally screwed up my date with hubby. It didn't help that our day started at 4:50 A.M., that will put anyone in a foul mood on a Saturday. Then Alejandro swoops in and breaks the news that we still aren't ready for our IUI (actually, that was the Doctor. Alejandro is just an innocent bystander in all of this.)

Anyhow, I am down to one dominant follicle on the right side (or as my mom calls it my "bad" side, and I'm beginning to agree with her!). It is only measuring at 14mm and I need it to be 18mm, mind you it was measuring 14mm last Sunday and then shrunk to 12mm. What I'm left wondering is where did the follicles on the left side (my "good" side) go? Because this follicle is taking it's sweet time, we had to drive WAY out of our way to get more meds, wait for the pharmacy to open, and in doing so lost our desire to follow through with our plans for the day. End date with hubby. :(

Dr. Y and I talked and decided to put me back on Metformin. Oh YAY! Let me tell you how excited I am about that! Diarrhea central, here I come! Thankfully Dr. Y had the courtesy to remind me to take it slow and work my way up on the stuff (like I could ever forget after the last time I forgot!) Story Time!

About 2 years ago, after Tyler turned 1, I decided it was time to start thinking about getting the fertility crap started again. I thought, "Hey, I had a pregnancy that was very good, and I have a healthy boy. Maybe the Evil Empire will treat me now, even though I was exactly as much as I did before!" Hahaha! Silly Katie! Yep....they treated me alright...treated me to some metformin and the advice to lose 50 lbs. I took the metformin...and the advice, but in the midst of all of this they forgot to remind me to ease my way up the metformin ladder. The next day, before heading out on the 65 mile drive to wherever I was going, I got my bottle of metformin and popped the whole maximum dose at once. I should have taken 1/4 of that for a few days, then 1/2, then 3/4, and so on. Well, about 12 miles into my 65 mile drive my stomach started cramping. There was NOWHERE to stop for at least another 8-10 miles. I punched it, pulled into the grocery store, ripped 1 year old Tyler out of his car seat, and hauled balls into the store. I didn't have time for a stroller, cart, or nothin! Poor Tyler had to sit on my lap while I did my business. It was traumatizing for both of us! The rest of that day I was sick as a dog between the runs and a seriously upset stomach. LESSON LEARNED!

So, that's my funny poop story. I am hoping that the metformin is the key to this whole fiasco. We are still on track for this cycle for now. She checked my estrogen level today, too. It was 49.9. I don't know what that means, honestly. They left the message on my voice mail and didn't say anything else about it. All I know is that by doing this test they can determine either how good the follicle is or how close it is to being ready for ovulation. From some quick online research, I learned that the number should be at least 150 for ovulation. I will learn more and report on that!

I go back in on Monday for another date with Alejandro. (wink, wink!)