Saturday, March 31, 2012

"O" the Pain!

I missed my post yesterday. I was pretty busy, but I did manage to get some additional information from my RE. Turns out my E2 was almost 1400, which translates into at least 4 mature follicles. No wonder they wouldn't let me do IUI! I wouldn't let me do IUI with that. But they should have just told me that. I'm not an idiot.

Anyways, so around 2:30pm today, while sitting in a theater watching Hunger Games the ovulation fun began. Ovulating with one follicle is not comfortable, but with four follicles....OUCH! Holy crap! I felt normal this morning, but now I feel bloated to 3 times my normal size. I can't laugh, or cough, or fart without serious pain. LOL! It is pretty entertaining to me at least. :P



Anne said...

Break out the sweat pants and make sure Tyler doesn't jump on your tummy or even sit on your lap! (Trust me, your tummy will hurt even more if he does!) Maybe you should cut back on the BD to lessen the quad chances. ;) Here's to Katie's Quads! (It has a nice ring to it....)